In honor of Cuckoo Crown’s GRAND OPENING, I’m offering a giveaway of my goods!


-A Flower Crown designed for you! You can choose any base and any type!*-

-See my Flower Crowns page for details-

-Please expect 1-2 Weeks for Completion and Shipping-

*no seasonal or exotic options due to prices


-Pre-made example crown (shown above)-


-Flower Bracelet mock-up (shown above)-

-Lightweight, but thick, flower bracelet fits big and small hands-


  1. 1 Reblog + 1 Like allowed (two entries)
  2. You do not need to be following!
  3. No Giveaway OR Sideblogs (must be only one account, and I will check)
  4. Askbox must be open and you must be willing to give your address.
  5. Must reblog before deadline (September 7, 2013)

The winner will be chosen at random through generated number. I will contact the winners privately before announcing them in case they do not respond and another needs to be chosen. The deadline is September 7, 2013.

If you do not wish to participate in the giveaway and would rather commission a crown, commissions are open. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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